I'm a seasoned digital communication, design, and Webflow expert based in Brussels, working worldwide.  

I see myself as your ally and partner, multi-skilled and multi-tooled to level-up your website and visuals. If required, I can execute a task efficiently and move on, however I like to scratch deeper. I can help tell the visual story of your brand properly, letting parts reveal and evolve across a broader collaboration. So I offer packages for short and long term support across all of your digital design needs.

I'm not pretending to know it all - not many do - but what I can say is that I've developed a keen knack for figuring things out.

Webflow Development

I'm a Webflow expert and I've helped business owners and in-house designers bring their designs to life and migrate their Wordpress or Wix site to Webflow.

Webflow is the most powerful visual coding tool and CMS that not only allows experienced developers to save time and get creative - but also allows creatives and marketers to skip the IT department to visually code, manage site content, and connect to digital marketing tools.

Web Design

I create dynamic, crisp, and custom site designs. By working with a Webflow designer and Webflow developer all-in-one, you'll be able to skip crossed wires at developer handoff, and spend more time on the extras that really impress.

Motion Graphics

I want to make sure each project makes a customer sit up, pay attention, and feel something. One of the best ways to do this is with interactions that make the experience of consuming your site fun.