I established a slack channel and Asana workflow, allowing Arcion to submit a work tickets and tasks get completed within 48hrs - most of the time within 24hrs. This fast pace enabled the team to experiement and expand growth marketing efforts exponentially.

The biggest component of growth was content. Through custom code I enhanced the article page template and implemented custom embeds that the team could reuse. With a regular cadence of quality guidance articles, the team has managed to 10X their SEO traffic, clicks, and inbound lead to their book a demo workflow.

"I'm Very happy with the site, When we conceptualized our new site's design, it was evident we needed a seasoned developer who could bring it to life while enhancing it with more magic in interactions and animations. I would highly recommend Mark to others, I especially loved the experience of working with a developer who thinks visually"

— Zhenni Wu, Senior Director of Marketing Arcion Labs

Tech Stack

Services Provided

MN Studio offered all-round support across digital design and Webflow development during an agressive high-growth strategy and beyond.

From redesign of pages, to integrations, to an on-demand Webflow development service; I helped the team expand the site fast. Launching event sign-up pages, content libraries, partner pages, a custom pricing calculator and beyond.

March 2023
Live Site

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