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IAM is a top advertising film production house based in Hamburg, Germany. Helping big brands make a big impact through their film content and brand advertising. I helped create their launch website and evolve and refine it two years later.

Services Provided

I helped to create a simple gallery layout to showcase their work, and invested heavily in custom solutions to handle heavy film assets within the site.

In addition, I helped the team with an easy to manage app/back-end directory of their represented talents (Directors) and their library of films using Airtable. And synced it to Webflow using Make.


CEO Marc Strauss wanted a design that was fresh and not boring. He had some favourite film based sites that he shared, and I worked closely with the team to develop a deceptively simple gallery style design that showed off their high-end film work.

To help maintain the site content across freelancers and different team members, I created an alternative CMS in Airtable to hold their Directors and Film library. I could then create an application style interface for the team to easily manage content in a more visual way - without having to learn Webflow or worry about messing up the site accidentally. Using the automation tool Make (formerly Integromat) the new Airtable based CMS was synced with Webflow at the touch of a button.

"In the advertising realm, it's essential that every component of a brand speaks of quality, innovation, and expertise. At IAM, we pride ourselves on delivering impactful film content for renowned brands. MN Studio made our website reflect the same. The gallery layout is perfect and the back-end solution, Airtable, really make me feel at ease changing and adding content. One of the highlights of our collaboration was the keen attention to detail, aligning the site design to our specific tastes, ensuring it was fresh, modern, yet elegantly simple. The outcome? lots of compliaments from clients and increased site traffic. We're genuinely impressed and wholeheartedly vouch for MN Studio's exceptional skills."

— Marc Strauss, CEO IAM

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March 2023
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