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Michelle Hay Management represents models, artists, and talents for high-end fashion and advertising photography and film projects. It's one of the best model agencies in Dubai. Their website wasn't really reflecting the premium projects their models were working on, and it was connected to a back-end application which was frustrating their team. I helped to redesign not only their website, but the back-end tool with a modular low-code tech stack which made it possible to tailor workflows completely to their needs, and eliminate time-draining pain points.

Using some design elements from the owners Hikmat Ghandour and Michelle Hay I crafted a deceptively simple gallery exeperience to showcase imagery from the various artists, models, and talents they represent.

As a Low-Code or No-Code Developer I created automation links between a new Airtable database and Webflow with Make.com - so that the team could control the Webflow CMS from Airtable. This gave them instant control over which models they showcase on their site with a click of a button. In addition, the Airtable database became the foundation for a new business critical directory of all of the talents they represent.

Pushing the boundaries of the Airtable Interface Designer, a new application was built for the team to manage their roster of models, talents, cast, makeup artists, Photographers, Set Stylists and more. I created a solution that completely replaced their legacy platform and broke them free from the tiresome expereince it provided. And the best part of all, I dramatically reduced workload and therefore time it took the team to reach out talents by integrating WhatsApp business into the stack for instant, automated communication.

"Navigating the competitive space as a model and talent agency for high-end fashion and advertising photography in Dubai requires a polished digital front and efficient back-end system. Before working with MN Studio, our back-end tool took too long and we were losing out on jobs. What stands out most is the integration of WhatsApp into our workflow. It's not just about digital transformation; it's about saving a tonne of time and connecting with our models in the channel they prefer. We've broken free from the limitations of our old system and entered an era of streamlined operations, all thanks to the skill and innovative solutions brought in by MN Studio. For any agency looking to not just transform, but elevate their digital systems, their expertise comes highly recommended by us."

— Michelle Hay, Co-owners of Michelle Hay Management

Tech Stack

Services Provided

Initial designs were presented in Figma but we quickly progressed the project into prototypes in Webflow to make the design process fluid and adaptable with the functionalities being built with the back-end application.

Lots of custom code brings the CMS rich site alive with marquees and scroll controls.

Michelle Hay Management
March 2023

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